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Helsinki, 1.3.2024

Inflight meal for vegetarians developed in collaboration by JAL, Finnair Kitchen and Finnish FoodTech company BioMush to create an innovative and sustainable culinary solution. A Soyless Umami Sauce-based yuzu dressing, made of all-natural ingredients from the food industry side-stream, is now part of Japan Airlines’ new in-flight vegetarian menu in Business Class starting 1.3.2024 and continuing until the end of August.

BioMush brings innovative and unique culinary experiences to the table – literally. Embracing BioMush’s Nordic way of innovating and supporting circularity in food technology, and Japan Airlines’s spirit of cultural exchange, this partnership goes beyond culinary innovation. By incorporating Nordic products into their business class in-flight meals and creating an overall positive flight experience through high-quality meals, the collaboration aims to create awareness of clean-label and circular solutions in the food industry, all of which are highlighted in the newly launched collaboration. 

This Nordic-made umami is made with food industry side streams

Then there is the part about taste. Unlike meat, fish, and dairy, plant-based proteins naturally lack umami. Umami, a Japanese loanword, translates to ’good flavor’ and refers to a delicious taste that spreads across the entire tongue, providing a mouthwatering sensation. Globally, 14% of food industry side streams, totally edible food, go wasted before it even ends up on the retail shelves. BioMush transforms edible side streams into valuable flavoring components using advanced technology, enabling exceptional umami creation. Specializing in crafting unique taste products, BioMush leverages industrial side streams for new items, emphasizing sustainability, resource efficiency, and waste reduction in side stream management.

“We are thrilled about the collaboration with JAL, not least due to the fact that fermentation is part of Japanese heritage. We are honoured to be able to show how to combine traditional methods and modern technological innovations, to bring taste to life,” says Kaisa Karhunen, Chief Executive Officer at BioMush.

Like many airlines, Japan Airlines is looking for ways to value local and sustainable production, reduce food waste, and improve the sustainability of its in-flight meals. Finland is known for its commitment to sustainability.

“As our in-flight meals evolve with innovation, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition, The Nordic-made Soyless Umami Sauce-based yuzu dressing, which serves as the cherry on top to the new in-flight vegetarian menu.

With the partnership, we aim to build a new positive cycle that contributes to regional contribution, cultural exchange, and demand stimulation by utilising and promoting Japanese and Finnish products in inflight meals. Through food and innovative food technology and sustainable solutions from the Nordics, we hope to attract people’s interest in Finland and make them want to visit the country,” says Yutaka Fukuda, Vice President & Regional Manager of Northern and Central Europe, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd Japan Airlines.


BioMush is a pioneer in sustainable solutions for valuing food waste. Produced responsibly in the Nordics, BioMush uses an innovative fermentation technology that utilises food industry side streams and turns them into delicious all-natural umami products that can be used as a flavouring ingredient to vegetable-based food. The food technology company provides food industry operators with a technological solution that turns valuable food waste and edible side streams into all-natural flavouring components.

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Kaisa Karhunen
Chief Executive Officer
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